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Adam & Eve Series

Adam & Eve series, 2020-2023

In the original story in Genesis, Adam and Eve, residing in the Garden of Eden, are seduced by the serpent to rebel against God’s command and eat the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. This results in their loss of innocence: they now know good and evil, become aware and ashamed of their nakedness and cover their bodies with leaves. God then punishes their disobedience, banishing them to Earth.

Here on Earth, loss of innocence is not the consequence of a rebellious act but an inevitability of life. Our modern day Adam and Eve, having experienced lost innocence long ago, are desperately seeking Paradise. They have been told they will return if they are good and patient, but just like their ancestors, they are disobedient. In their own act of rebellion, they embody the seduction of the serpent to find the forbidden fruit in each other, in an attempt to create their very own Garden of Eden on Earth.  


The story continues in cyclical/non-linear fashion.

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